A shared experience

Recently we made a documentary about nomad bases. With the focus being in Berlin! And then we made a website to contain it as well, so you can share that!


Hitchhikers heading out of Amsterdam,

Hitchhikers heading out of Amsterdam,

by Rory Midhani,


Feel free to contribute to European Consultation on Food Waste

Feel free to contribute to European Consultation on Food Waste... open to contributions from citizens, organisations and public authorities.

CS goes HC

Yesterday I discovered that C$ in it's glory has deleted my profile without notifying me.

Peru! (and Chile?)

Casa casa!

I'm headed to Peru! And maybe Chile. Do you know anyone in Peru or Chile who would be wonderful to meet?

Through Saturday, I can be reached at (+1) 760 822 9880

After that, I'm at gjemmott at gmail.

Miss you all!
(that's very possibly more than <3)

Biological Open Source

hello friends! I just returned to Italy and started a masters course in gastronomy and human ecology... lots of eating and a lot of informations that I would like to share. It's kind an academic approach about ideas we've been discussing about for years!
Reading this particular essay "Impeding Dispossession, Enabling Repossession: Biological Open Source and the Recovery of Seed Sovereignty" by Jack Kloppenburg I just couldn't stop thinking about all the people I met in and around casarobino and who have first taught me about open source...

Novi Look

Novi Look

Growing strong

Ha, I thought this is a funny image: the stats of our website visitors. We used to be at 3500 a month, now down to 800-900. Wonder how come :-)

Portal sailing out...

Oh wow! They actually are sailing! I can't believe that Charlie and Lily are sailing off from the United States and are headed for Australia. Lily wrote a little bit about it on her blog. And there is this video as well. Happy voyage you two!

Robino is a kind of... Tomato!

"premium" even, says packaging.
Skipped along with loads of fancy shit (organic oat cookies!) last night in Dresden, Germany.

Many hugs!