web improvements

heyo! I was thinking it would really cool if we had a better photo gallery on the website.
Maybe one organized somewhat like a calendar, so that when we click on a day, or week etc. we get to see the pictures taken in that time frame. also good to keep track of guests/hosts !
what do you computer-science-gurus think ??

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stories to appear in a forum list

It would be really cool to have an overview of all the stories, just like on this forum.

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* BUG: Blog feed (aggregator module) is still crappy
unsurprising surprises leads to entry http://butthedevil.blogspot.com/2008/10/viva-la-casa.html

* BUG: Blogger blog posts sometimes, as of lately, appear on the list two or even three times, e.g Matt's skiing experiences right now:

* BUG: it's possible for admins to update status of another person when seeing content node they authored. Here for instance, I'm able to update sitarane's status

* feature: status updates should have a page where all of them are displayed (à la Twitter)

I'd be interested in figuring out the solutions for the above, just not sure when I'll be up for it yet - safest to say sometime before february :)

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sending e-mails fails

somehow when a new user registers, the confirmation e-mail with the activation link is not send.

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List all users

Under the who's new section a link to a view that shows you all users. These are the modules that can do this: http://drupal.org/node/164305

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guestbook entries

New guestbook entries should appear somewhere.

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page that connects all blogs

On the wish-list: a page that adds syndicated stories (5-10 lines max) of everyone who has been in the house and who has a blog. Another possibility is to add everything which has the tag casarobino to be syndicated on the main-page.

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Feed bugs

* Blogger blogs are super hard to update. Mine for some reason does get updated, though not at first, many others still don't

* All my blog items point to a post from one year ago. Not that freeing Burma isn't important ;) just that it's not exactly where the links are supposed to be pointed towards

On other news, we have an expert Drupalist approaching the casa - fingers crossed for some exiting new developments sooooooooon!

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See the side - newsflash from friends now available :)
Aggregator module was already installed, so just needed to add the feeds and enable the block to be shown on the right menubar.

administering the thing:

The magical page can be found here - this is also automagically created by the aggregator, and should probably be linked more prominently from someplace besides the friends block.

One problem: feeds from blogger don't seem to be working. Grr!

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guestbook spam

The guestbook receives spam. might be good to have a spamfilter or whatever installed. So far, the comment section remained o.k. but I guess the worst has yet to come...

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bug in web-links and e-mail

The web-links in the user-profile of people don't work and e-mail notifications still go to the spam-folder of people.

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create pages

The idea is to create pages for the left column where we can migrate in different what we already wrote on hitchwiki: http://hitchwiki.org/en/Robino/house