I am a musician, philosopher, crashcourse-life-learner traveling the world to learn it's rhythms so that I can compile it into a book. Along the way, I am open to all ups and downs, ins and outs, right's and lefts, forwards and backwards, for these teach us multi-dimentional lessons. Onward to India to study Tabla and other modalities this human form has developed.


Mireille Lambert

Edwin Smith IV

My name is E.J.and I could be the nicest person you ever met. I am anxious to see the world and learn everything in it. I want to meet everyone in the world worth meeting.. I have been a musician pretty much all my life. Which led me to recording, which is primarily what I do. I've learn just about all aspects of music, recorded, live, whatever, I know at least a little about anything having to do with music. In working on music, I've grown comfortaqble with computers. Starting like just about everyone else on windows, I've made the transition to Apple years ago.

hanna Benker


My name is Helena. I'm a danish 19-year old girl. I live in a collective with 9 other poeple. It's great!
I'm a very creative person. I like to do stuff with my hands. I'm very interested in learning from the poeple around me. I would like to know about different ways of living rather then what the tv suggests.
I like to trave. I plan to start traveling much more than what I have so far.
Can't think of anything more
Lots of Love



I am from Canada; although I wouldn't necessarily subscribe to that nationality. I am from a National Park IN Canada: Jasper National Park, and if you understand THIS you will understand ME.