ex punk and ex posh girl in one person, born in a country that does not exist anymore. political scientist and practitioner of a quite nomadic life style. yoga, good literature and cooking for life.


I am from Canada; although I wouldn't necessarily subscribe to that nationality. I am from a National Park IN Canada: Jasper National Park, and if you understand THIS you will understand ME.


At the moment live in Berlin and I am hitchhiking slowly to Barcelona.

Christian J. Petersen

Much what I am and what I do will be placed here on this platform instead, as that is my home:

I will follow Casa Robino through here and do my best to learn from it. Any guest or resident at Casa Robino would be welcome at our PV-house in Berlin. Through this I hope we can create some kind of exchange between the two communities, which are much different but still share much the same philosophy.