I am from Canada; although I wouldn't necessarily subscribe to that nationality. I am from a National Park IN Canada: Jasper National Park, and if you understand THIS you will understand ME.

I love nature, poetry, music, the sun, and books after books after books; I love to learn, anything, and always; I am called both the Happy Man and more recently, the Naked Man, however I disagree with the validity of the second. I love to dance, barefoot, high up in the mountains around a great fire; I love to share, and give, and share what I've been given; I love the trees and the wind, Walden, Han Shan and the Dharma; I love Buddha, and mediation, and Jesus, and Bob Marley, and Brett Dennen. I love the philosopher, the poet, the madman seeking truth and the lovers seeking each other. I love my guitar, my grandfathers gift; I love tents, the hills, the 3 day hiking trips through the great Rocky Mountain Valleys of my home. I love to bike, quickly, through mad afternoons of high traffic where the present moment of dodging and turning is all that exists. I love the morning, the quiet morning, where I am awake, after meditation, actually awake, and aware and drinking tea while I start the days tasks. I love Liberty above all things; Liberty of Mind, of Soul, and of my Physic; I want to be free to go, free to feel and express, and free to ponder and reflect, quietly, with a quiet mind, with an insightful mind. I love to write, and write, and write, and write. I discovered myself through writing, once, and again, and it will always be the place I go back to. I love to study, all day, and all night; I am a philosopher with a love for Wisdom. I love to play, any instrument, as long as I am able to inspire rhythm and joy in it, or it in me. I love to feel, simply feel, the great emotions that we've tried to rid ourselves of. Empathy, compassion, sadness, and incredible joy; emancipation and bliss. I remember when I freed my mind, when I felt like 'I knew': it was a coming of age, and I loved it then as I do now - this is something t
hat I want to share. I love the happiness that I've found, and that I hold, and that I try to share. I love life, my life, our lives, each life; and hopefully we can share one, or a part of one, together.