Hitchhiking race for drinking water 2010

Hey and Howdi Casa!
I would like to share a project with all you guys on which me and some friends have been working on for the last three years constantly.
Since 2008 we're organizing a hitchhiking race for a drinkwater organisation called Viva con Agua from Hamburg. In 2008 and 2009 the destinations have been Zaragoza and Dubrovnik, this year the route will lead us to Vama Veche in Romania!

Back home!

I came back from Hamburg where my ex-roommate had stollen all the stuff in the flat and even worse, canceled our internet contract. One month struggling to get free stuff to furnish the flat, a new roommate, all that from the cyber-cafe, or squatting at friends. It was about time I came again to Amsterdam.

It's on my way anyway, I'm catching a plane to RĂ©union, Indian Ocean next Monday from Paris.

Yesterday we had like 8 people around a Finnish vegetarian meal (nothing is impossible). Did you guys know that those nuts drink milk during the meal? You did? Oh... sorry.