Back home!

I came back from Hamburg where my ex-roommate had stollen all the stuff in the flat and even worse, canceled our internet contract. One month struggling to get free stuff to furnish the flat, a new roommate, all that from the cyber-cafe, or squatting at friends. It was about time I came again to Amsterdam.

It's on my way anyway, I'm catching a plane to Réunion, Indian Ocean next Monday from Paris.

Yesterday we had like 8 people around a Finnish vegetarian meal (nothing is impossible). Did you guys know that those nuts drink milk during the meal? You did? Oh... sorry.

Well, it tastes quite good actually. Marc and I made some apple compote to add to the calorie index and we got drupal to work on my machine.

Tonight it's outrageously quiet. I'll go and make some noise. Cheers.



narnua's picture

haha, your status is still up to date although 5 weeks old!

"sitarane just came back; wrote his story and is cooking! 5 weeks ago"