Jjust some keywords before taking off to the airport.

digesting uncooked vegan food

A long walk back to the hotel after a graet vegan dinner downtown Boston, in a restaurant where Amylin would love to cook; I am still recovering from all the information that our point in the matrix gave me about the short life "CS 2.0" lived. So much information in such a short time - very rewarding.

Don't ask

Don't ask

Don't ask but this is the view from my current room. Meanwhile I am thinking why we still don't have any vacuum tube transport systems in place, which make you travel across the Atlantic in less than 10-15 minutes on a zero-waste basis. I also received a nice answer from above. I just missed all pins seven times on a row while bowling. One colleague simply said: face it robin, "you are just not born for this". Right on.