Jjust some keywords before taking off to the airport. 26 hours, toolbox for Sustainable City Living; Rhizome Collective; Pumpkin decoration, Pumpkin cream soup, Massages, Hot tobs, Temptation to stay here & quite job, Enormous amounts of energy and creativity, Hope, Good things grow in toxic soil, Techunderground.org, the bean (local curreny again), Erotic consultancy, house blessings, Marcio, Bonnie, Emyrs, Orion, Henna, Jeremy (but I did not meet him), Cat, Kevin, Joe, Jovielle, Jason, a seven piece pirate band (fluits, double base, trumpet, guitar, accordeon, vocalists), Guy Mendilow band, Musical therapy, The scally wags, speaking dutch upon entering a house, skillsharing, flying spaghetti monster, & stealmyidea.com I am off now, but not sure if I will arrive, they want to keep me as a 'pet'.


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"Dutch Housepets"

they are the most like cats.. independent, better than tv, pumpkin licking good, aesthetically pleasing when curled up on the couch, - the dutch ones seem to have the wonderful benefit of a low allergen basis, e.g. no one sneezed when Robin entered our house. the other side benefits of the dutch housepet may be their ability to feed themselves and others, general level of productively lazy cleanliness, good sense of humor, tendency to wander into various rooms and entertain the masses with little discretion beyond primary intelligence factors.. e.g. if you're boring they will leave. oh and the tonal quality of their "meow" has that nice open tone, inviting, slightly gutteral and pretty fun to listen to..
my review for this experience would qualify in the high 9's - so far nothing to complain about beyond the factor of too many clothes.. but that's normal for the weather quality this time of year. Oh and no mouses caught... good potential however.
I highly recommend this product.