digesting uncooked vegan food

A long walk back to the hotel after a graet vegan dinner downtown Boston, in a restaurant where Amylin would love to cook; I am still recovering from all the information that our point in the matrix gave me about the short life "CS 2.0" lived. So much information in such a short time - very rewarding. We also had good informative talks about social money and community-banking, closed-loop democratically run economic processes, the price of oil and connecting anarchy with spirituality. Pretty overwhelming. Many thanks Anu for setting this meeting up!


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Happy digesting!

So great you got a chance to meet matrixpoint, hope you also got to talk things other than the mishaps of one organisation (yeah you did!)... and good luck with digesting everything :)

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Hope you don't have info-indigestion!

It was a great pleasure to meet robino. I hope my talking for hours about the demise of CS2.0 didn't ruin his meal. For me it was good to get a load off my chest and later it was great to hear about life at Casa Robino -- I'd love to visit you all sometime soon.

Much appreciation to narnua for connecting me and robino. She has a real talent for networking, as I learned when we volunteered together for CS.