Monday one year after

This day one year ago, I stepped on a plane up north, to be welcomed by what was then simply known as "Robin's place". This day one year ago trashwiki was imagined out of late night talks in what was simply called the "living room". And one year minus ten days ago Casa got a name, and a site.

One year after, what have I learnt? Lots. One year after, where am I going? Not sure, yet.

dear dumpster fairy

I've just moved to a place to be called home, and whereas basic furniture is there, I'm missing things to make it feel like a home. Here's a little wish list for the dumpster fairy (and hopefully her little helpers over at the casa ;)

* kitchenware: pan, pot, tray, oven mittens, glasses, mugs, plates, knives and so on
* lights: standalone lamps for ambiance, lamps you can attach on shelves etc, desk lights, reading lights
* zula creation: mattress, blankets (!!!), (just some more) pillows, some nice fabrics