The Creation

The house needed a permanent place online to store its inputs and outputs, feedback and creativity in a format accessible for the hackers-artists-storytellers-nomads-in-residence gone and to come. So here it is, share (yes, you can also post without registering) and enjoy! Ah, and if you create an account, your passsword e-mail is considered spam by most e-mail-hosts!


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skill surfers

As a single skill surfer till previous month I have the honor to announce the tour of SKILL SURFERS 08\09 on the casarobino web.
Crazy visionars will be traveling through Switzerland, France, Spain and Portugal till March 09.
You can read about the tour and participate on

Long distance hitch hiking as a natural exctazy, last thought before falling apart, arriving to casarobino:
'The last five hours of empty thoughts, empty spaces, emptyness and bones, at the end you get nothing more than a shape of emptyness, going to sleep.'

Welcoming everyone on a sunny day...

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delicious dinner and some links for you!

Big thanks to you lovely people for a beautiful night... delicious food and company and laughs and wet wet wet but fun.

Here is one of the links for the French alternative guides, its in french though.
This guy, Estaban, is doing them for every region in France, pretty much everything you could think of or label 'alternative'.

Ive got some ideas for one for adam. but more focusing just on enviro, eco stuff... hitching, dumpstering, organic grocers/cafes/markets, edible plants in the area, types of foods grown locally, recycling systems, squats/non profit venues, op shops/second hand stores, if and where to get vegie oil to power an engine... and stuff like that :)

A big mission i know, but would love to get started on it! Have all this info in one place so you know where to look if you want an organic grocer. Still trying to find the link for the Bordeaux one, done by a different guy, Deil, who lives there. Also in french, but really simple/clearly outlined.

Anyhooo.... thanks a bunch to y'all, have fun in barca robin, and kasper let me know when you guys are dumpstering next, im still really keen. Am in delft again till thurs, there's a big dumpstering meeting here i want to shoot, but then back in amsterdam. Big love! x