dear dumpster fairy

I've just moved to a place to be called home, and whereas basic furniture is there, I'm missing things to make it feel like a home. Here's a little wish list for the dumpster fairy (and hopefully her little helpers over at the casa ;)

* kitchenware: pan, pot, tray, oven mittens, glasses, mugs, plates, knives and so on
* lights: standalone lamps for ambiance, lamps you can attach on shelves etc, desk lights, reading lights
* zula creation: mattress, blankets (!!!), (just some more) pillows, some nice fabrics
* it's alive! green growing things - even though I'll likely kill them within 2 weeks :(
* wallpaper: pictures, art, posters for the walls
* storage: a little standalone bookshelf or other storage solution for combatting random living room mess
* cross-legged comfort: small, low table to put laptop on when sitting on the floor
* gear: laptop speakers, wireless router
* other nice little things that go together with a house? Or just help with someone with an eye for creating comfort, I'm somewhat hopeless with this myself :(

Where & when to go diving ;)

If you stop by with something I'll treat you for a beer or tea (your choice :)

Housewarming is this weekend, with a little bit of food, little bit of drinks and then a little bit of dancing. Check out the invitation and BeWelcome :)