Power-Adaptor for Mac G3/G4

Power-Adaptor for Mac G3/G4

Once donated to the house, an old G4 Macbook. But the power-adapter broke down and we're looking for a new one. Maybe you or a friend has one lying around unused?

The macbook runs linux nicely :-)

Ah, and if you have another laptop lying around unused, we can always make good use of it!

One new Bicycle Wheel for our Long Distance

Someone mysterious (s/he didn't leave a name-tag) took the front-wheel out of the bike that goes by the name "Long Distance" one of these nights and so the bike is now standing without a wheel. It looks kind of funny but it makes the bike very hard to ride. And that's a really big pity because it is one of the nicest bikes we have! You can go really far with it and that with great speed (hence the name Long Distance).

Vacuum Cleaner

The vacuum cleaner broke down and although the broom helps, it is not possible to clean the whole house in every corner. Any help for a new vacuum cleaner is appreciated. Budget would be around 50-60 for a new one.

Fire extinguisher

Two small fire extinguisher are needed. You never know, and in case a fire starts, we want to prevent worse. Get the small ones, special for kitchen use.