One new Bicycle Wheel for our Long Distance

Someone mysterious (s/he didn't leave a name-tag) took the front-wheel out of the bike that goes by the name "Long Distance" one of these nights and so the bike is now standing without a wheel. It looks kind of funny but it makes the bike very hard to ride. And that's a really big pity because it is one of the nicest bikes we have! You can go really far with it and that with great speed (hence the name Long Distance).

So therefore we are looking for a 28'' wheel and let's say ideally a semi-thin mountain-bike wheel. I guess this one might be hard to find, which is also why someone took it from this bike.

Unfortunately the key of the lock of the bike was broken and therefore the bike was not properly locked for a too long time already as the last person didn't lock it well enough and current host(s) didn't take action quick enough to resolve it. A bike should always (when possible) be locked with its front-wheel and frame together with an external object. In this case it was just the frame and object.

This particular bike came cycling from Zeeland Summer 2010. It was given to Wesna and Kaja who were traveling from Slovenia. They hitched until Zeeland in the south-west of Netherlands where a nice traveler-friendly person who they met in a park gave them a place to sleep (I believe) and two bicycles to cycle to Amsterdam. Would be wonderful to have this bike back in operation again.