Heaps of bread

There's heaps of bread, loads, tons, come to the casa and eat up!

It's delicious...with pasta madre

Today i made my first bread ever with pasta madre, and it's super delicious :)
Hereby thnx to all the ppl who inspired me by doing it over and over again at casa, there will folow many, many more...can't wait to make one at casa :)

A Book Cycle

19 Jul 2011 02:29

Yes, the book idea has become a book project; a free bookstore in Amsterdam supported by donations! Accepting donations of any books of any kind in any language about anything, but no magazines. Once the project is on its feet and has a place then any and all are free to share! Brainstorm for a name, I'm thinking Amsterdam Book Cycle... ABC!

Give books!

European penguin

Did you know? there used to be a European penguin. It was distinguished in 1844. and the penguin on the south pole is actually called up after this one. it was a pretty big bird. between 70-80 cm from the beak to the back. it was finally distinguished after 300 hundred years of aggressive hunting on it. It was tasty and rely easy to catch. can you imagine. every time you were hungry, you could just go out and pick a penguin.

Hello casa.

Hello Casa,
Hello to those that I do know, and hello to those that I do not know. I miss you all. Over a year ago I stayed at Casa Robino. Then I was still learning what it was to be a nomad. Today I stand before you a very different person. The Casa made me who I am today through the life that it showed me. I am now very far from the nomad self that I had become. I am once again a student in America, this is my reality. No longer do I measure time by the number of 'thursday night dinners' past, but rather, by the semester.


13 Jul 2011 19:00
casa robino

Dear fellow nomadic ppl,

i've been now busy for more than a year brainstorming about a boardgame about nomadic lifestyle and dumpster diving and so im inviting people to come over wednesday evening to play "Eco Madness". It's a boardgame meant for max. 8 player's, so if u want to participate, comment or give me a mssg. It will be the first time playing, so i dunno how long it will take (discussing bugs and such), but every1 is welcome and it shouldn't be a problem to join diner & sleep-over ;)
Hope to see u all wednesday,

hitch field trip this weekend :)


there is this climate action camp happening from the 6th to 11th in Antwerp.. somewhere between Belgium and Netherlands .. i say we take a little trip down there Saturday? so maybe we can meet up at casa early in the day and hitch there.

looks like there will be some workshops and fun things, check it -->



Eviction squat Schijnheilig

Today "Schijnheilig", a squat and beautiful culture centre got evicted. The police arrested an incredible amount of people, it was crazy.

Read a story here - it's in dutch: http://freedam.tumblr.com

For photos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/sets/72157627121624352/show/

Squatting goes Berserk

For more information on the squatting eviction: http://krakendraaitdoor.wordpress.com/english/

Thanks So Much!

Thank you guys so much for having us. And good luck with the dishes!

— Jens, Layla, Jonathan.