Paxus's Quotes

Sea Floor

The sea floor, right. That is where Hawaii starts, on the sea floor.

Dennis Collective - on the highest difference in elivation


I call them girls, but they are actually men.

Robino - Casa Living Room Chat

w/o the crack

"Casa Robino is like a crack house, without the crack."

Dennis Collective

Were you

"Were you like that when you were young?"

Aris to Paxus referring to the Dennis Collective, who had just stripped off his little black dress and offered it dramatically, loudly and nakedly to Robino


Americans are cheap, fat and ugly.

Dennis Collective - Casa Living Room conversation - what he heard all days

Sleeping on the floor

"Aris is stashing rotting vegetables under her mattress "
"She is sleeping on the floor"

Paxus and Marc - Casa Living Room


"Google is the new China"



Casa Robino is center of perception of reality

Aris stoned on the back porch


"I can make a shitload of money doing making porn in new york.
i just dont want to deal with LA."

casa Living Room Chat - Dennis Collective

Are you gay

"Are you gay?"
"no i am Dutch"

Casa Living Room Chat - Robino and Marc