Paxus's Quotes

Completed Candles

Whne you watn something done, just light a candle

Robino commenting on the occassional miracle of Casa self regulation and cleaning

never just one place

I am never just in one place at a time

Amylin - on future plans Barcelona, Berlin, Portugal

too hipie

i believe in chaos. when it goes too hippie i will pull it back towards the middle

Marc in Casa Living Room at absurd o'clock

propaganda machine

i am in service of the great propaganda machine

Dennis Collective to Paxus on converting female girl to female woman in another quote

helpful hands

|I dont know why this code is not working, but i am going to go smoke a spliff on the balcony and figure it out.|
"I will help you with that"

Marc and Paxus

class issues

Can i lay my class issues on you?

Dennis Collective before tiddying up

Deaf Snow

Snow is Deaf

(and so is steam)

Sierra quoting Iskandar Ajmuddin to Anu about Finland

how gay

Do you want to see how gay i am ?

Amylin flirting willy with Dennis Colective

female woman

i can understand how that would be annoying as a female woman

Dennis Collective to Amylin on harrassment while hitchhiking

night and day

We do so much late night here, no one could be bothered with morning.

Paxus the only one awake at 11:15 AM