Paxus's Quotes

no talent

People can busk even if they have no talent.
Yeah, like we have never seen that before.

Amylin and Sierra

day job

dont quit your day job
oh wait you already have

Paxus to Anu having trouble tagging the world map

Open Chocolate

This is open space hot chocolate technology

Dennis Collective - squat cafe during Casa field trip

Shown around

"Did anyone how you around?"
"No one showed me around."

Sierra intentionally misleading the squat cafe worker, so that she could volunteer

Dirty Dwarfs

In every other country in the world, except Holland, 7 dwarfs in a bed with a beautiful young woman would be outlawed.

Marc on Casa field trip

Pretend you're not acting

Pretend you're not acting

Paxus to Dennis Collective and Amylin skipping down the street.

Squat gets a gift shop

It used to be a squat, now they have a gift shop. [Actually, it was a give-away shop]

Amylin misquoting Robin - Casa field trip

How did you find us ?

"How did you find us?"

The surprised Squat cafe owners and Robins response

Open Source Jesus

"Is Jesus in the public domain?"
"No Jesus is copyrighted, he is intellectual property."

Robino and Paxus - Casa LR conversation

lonely dinosaurs

"The last dinosaurs died alone"
"How do you know? Have you been reading dinosaur blogs."

Dennis Collective talking to Paxus in the Casa Living Room