Tips for Hitchhiking to Iceland

Dear Casa,

tonight I want to share with you some tips that I collected during my last trip to Iceland. I recently had a conversation with Jass, which I have re-organized here; and wrote a story on RandomRoads, that I hope will soon be reviewed and published. I heard that some of you are thinking about doing this trip, and of course I can't but recommend it, because it's truly awesome. I hope you will find this info useful!

recreating governance in an open source way

What are the ways we could take over (or abolish) government? Many! In Iceland (see earlier related post) friends initiated a process that might appeal to many: let's bring a randomly chosen 1500 people to debate the main values of society and let's facilite consensus about these values.

Impossible some might think.

Very doable in fact, and applicable to many other localities/ contexts.

Ice melting point

Things are kind of rocky in Iceland right now - the video is a nice little Nordic riot about I'm not sure what* . This stream features Icelandic parliament open citizen's meeting live, debating the future of their government.

And just how is this relevant to Casa life? Well, events like the recent Credit Crunch and dealing with the mess all over the place give an unique view on major shifts in society, something to learn from for sure for any idealists passing through here.