When Robins away the mice come out to play

Robin had left for Berlin. Twelve of us had taken over the house for the week. As I sat around the dinner table, I looked around at all the new faces. Questions were not answered, inside jokes were told, Robins humourless sense of humour kept alive. The kitchen was a mess, food everywhere, flour everywhere. 11 pm, time to eat, the table was set and then unset. Food was passed around and then back around in complete confusion, wine was poured. Out came the banana bread and pastamadre only to disapear just as quickly.

girls night out

After much debate and fuss, we (amylin, Valentina and myself) finally made it out the door and set off on our girls night out to find beautiful people.
We cycled first to paradiso to see is shaun could sneek us in the back of the funk concert but as he wasn't answering his phone we decided to wander around until somewhere (or some one) caught our eye.