When Robins away the mice come out to play


Robin had left for Berlin. Twelve of us had taken over the house for the week. As I sat around the dinner table, I looked around at all the new faces. Questions were not answered, inside jokes were told, Robins humourless sense of humour kept alive. The kitchen was a mess, food everywhere, flour everywhere. 11 pm, time to eat, the table was set and then unset. Food was passed around and then back around in complete confusion, wine was poured. Out came the banana bread and pastamadre only to disapear just as quickly.

Then it caught on, slowly at first, but soon all the mice came out to play.

Throat exercises, dancing, posing, photography, making music with kitten, dressing up, new and wonderful creations in the kitchen, swedish movies, apple tarts, new jokes and lots of questions from Anu.

I think it all started with the monkey...


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aaaaaa. guys i miss you. <3

aaaaaa. guys i miss you. <3

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Kitten is getting so big now!

Kitten is getting so big now! She was just a little bundle when i first got her, now she is like a proper cat thing!

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are you calling us mice?

are you calling us mice?