Continuing on Rene's Story

As Rene wrote prior to this story we took a bike trip to Leiden. It got me thinking,.. There is something enormously calming about riding your bike in the mist of the evening. It makes you feel as if you could go back to the time before you when someone else ventured a similar path, in those same woods, with the same feeling. It is almost as if you forget yourself in the world for those magic moments. You truly become anonymous and you forget about all the things that were going on in your head just an hour before. I think it should become a Casa event you know?

Bike List

New feature on - we now have a list of bicycles including details of the bike, whether they are working or not and who currently has the keys. The bikelist is at and you can add more bicycles to the list by clicking 'Share->Bicycle' on the menu at the top of the page or visiting

The Patron Saint of Bicycles

This week at the casa we could have used some help from Madonna del Ghisallo - the Patron Saint of cycling. This time last week there were around 8 working bikes, this time yesterday we had two working bikes, two other half-usable ones and all the rest were unrideable in one way or another or lost in town.


Hey friends,

I have two more or less crappy bikes, that I would like to give to you !
They do drive though ..!

Is anyone (best two) interested in picking them up ?