Hey friends,

I have two more or less crappy bikes, that I would like to give to you !
They do drive though ..!

Is anyone (best two) interested in picking them up ?


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Bikes pick up - one now - one end of month

Hi there,

just reconned, that it would be good (for me) to keep one bike until I finally leave end of november.

Soooo - one bike can be picked up these days.. and one end of november !

Hope that makes sense to you...!


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Whoa :)

I'm pretty sure the casa is collectively interested in the bikes. I'll shop around for people to pick them up, tonight seems rainy (and lazy) but we'll see. Awesome!

(as for crappyness, Julien might be coming over at some point with a mission to fix bikes so that should help)

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Bikes pick up

Hey there,
ok, good to hear ! Today i am not home ( I am invited) .
But from thurdsday on bikes pick up should be ok. Tuesaday - Wednesday, I might be out, not fixed yet. But just contact me before, e.g. skype natalie120571 to see if I am home.


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One now - one later !

Hi there,

just reconned that it would be good (for me ) to keep one bike until end of november until I finally leave..

So, one bike can be picked up these days and one end of novmber !

Hope that makes sense to you.!


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A surprise will come for you to pick 'em up!

Hey Nat, we decided to send you a nice surprise over for the pick-up of the bike :)

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Haha - I know

I know , i know who is town ! The guy from the promised land and good taste in choosing wine !

Currently my friend Piergi, whom I met on Naxos Island hangs out with Erga and Casper !

Also, today night - there is a party in Rose place - why don't you CR's invade ?

Bringing drinks/snacks or so would be a nice gesture though.

sooooo ?

See you there later !

The Nat

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Bike mechanic in town

If we can get the bike tomorrow, I can work on it before I leave (tuesday morning). I hope it's a little bit broken at least...

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BIKE PICK UP 18.00 ??

Hello Marc !

What about bike pick up at 18.00 at Overtoom 243-6 in my house..? This way we might be able to first enjoy the holy sunrays of today..
While Marc might be helping with my new eee and Julien might be identifying all the broken parts on the bike or bikes.. , I might be standing in the kitchen for the two of you ?
How does that sound ?

A message on 0638748924 would be cool !

The Nat

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on our way :)

we are on the way (marc, kadri)

cya in a bit...

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Isolator and Super Silver Haze


was very nice to have you over !
Did you arrive safe wit Isolator (black bike) and Super Silver Haze (silver bike) ?

I hope the police didnt catch you without the lights !!! Here we go Julien... give us light !!!

I ll most propably come over wednesday and might take back Isolator until end of november, so I also have a bike.. and then return to CR !

Ill bring black baby (eee) for further Linux/Windows check outs..

See ya soon !


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SO ???

Are the bikes repaired ?
Are you happy about them ?

No feedback from your side yet ;-( !


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Thanks for the bikes!

Thank you Natalie, for the bikes. Julien did some work on them, so most probably they are all good to go now :) haven't tried driving them yet myself, the weather outside is bit too Dutch for my taste today...

Now the question is, where do we get good & cheap locks for all the bikes - there are a couple of more bikes that were liberated from the key-lost chains (also by Julien) and some locks are keeping together 2 bikes...

See you around I'm sure :)

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thanks for the bikes!

Hey Nath, the bikes are almost fully repaired. One dynamo is not working correctly and we cannot get around fixing the back-light of the other bike.

The house is pretty empty at the moment, we had a huge outflux yesterday and today. Marc is also not here at the moment, not sure when he's coming back, probably one of these days, - so let's see when is a good time for dinner. Will give you a call.

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Hi there,

oki.. I will be off for the weekend and back tuesday..!

See ya then maybe ;-)