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Bike Commuter Zine: seeking submissions!

please submit!

Wanted: Bike Commuter Stories

ACCT and Community Bikes volunteers are gathering OUR stories-- from the streets of C'Ville (or other places you have ridden). Drawings, pictures and other graphics encouraged and really great stories, road finds, great conversations with friends and strangers.....

We will be creating a little bike 'zine with the best stories. We will have a debut of the zine in March during the Festival of the Book. (March 18-22).

Please send your ideas to [email protected]

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World-Wide Critical Mass?!? I'm there!

Looks like I've got a new destination on my way to Africa! Thanks for the heads up!

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more bikes!

Right, now have a look at this post:

Movement of the Year: This year we saw cities across the U.S competing to run the first, biggest and best Bogota-style Ciclovia events. San Francisco debuted Sunday Streets (after local activists sat Mayor Gavin Newsom down in front of Streetfilms' Ciclovia video and sold him on the idea), Portland and Chicago both called it Sunday Parkways, in south Florida it was Bike Miami and, of course, New York City experienced the phenomenal Summer Streets.

Streetsblog Awards Best Transportation Stories of 2008

Which reminds me as well to add, yet again, that I so much love to see how inspiring activism in the United States is. The undercurrent seems to be so really strong. Like I said when I came back from my week's trip to Boston, that although (or because?) the US has a lot of toxic soil, apparently there are some really beautiful flowers growing there.

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some text maybe ? ;)

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