I was about to re-click on every point and intersection in RV10 (http://www.randovelo.org/fr/veitin.php) because I couldn’t find a digital file of it yet.
Then I did a google search for RV10 gpx (GPS exchange file format), and turned up Every Trail, which requires a registration in order to download files, as well as good old Fietsroute, [...]

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more notes to self…

http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/WikiProject_Belgium/Cycle_Routes is useful, but incomplete.  Finish mapping RV10 for them, at least, and find a convenient way to convert from the file one can download there (,OSM? no file extension…) to other formats.  Maybe GPSBabel can do it; I haven’t tried yet.

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More content, no time to organize, argh!

A welcome page is brewing in my head. It reads something like…
Does EV5 exist?
But the ECF site has plans and details published…
Other websites have plans and details published for the Death Star from Star Wars…
So should I try to follow EV5?
If you just like the idea of following a *signposted* international route, go with [...]

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France part 2

I’m really spending more time on the internet than I planned… but I’m actually making progress with the route. It’s possible I won’t make much forward progress today. Oh well!
For France part two, this map was uploaded by the same user as that posted that bikely “route” of all the water ways in [...]

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Note to self, really…
Links to follow up with later:
For those who want to follow EV5, there might be a nicer way than I have found so far. Find it and compile it! [For example, I chose not to follow RV 35, from the Luxembourg region cycle map, up toward Huy because it [...]

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Mais ou dormez vous?

Someone asked where I sleep. Last night I stayed at a camp site (with hot showers!) which, at some point, I realized was closed. The other time I stayed at a closed campsite I was well aware… but there wasn’t anything else around and I think the Swiss just assumed there wouldn’t be [...]

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faaaaaaaast update

Wasting daylight, but found a library with cheap internet, so here is a *fast* update.
Luxembourg was great as far as cycling paths (so many benches with trash cans nearby), but is high on my list of least favorite countries (no, I don’t actually have a list, but if I did…). After the lady hit [...]

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A few photos…

15 to be exact. They’re here. I don’t have time to sort/edit or internet time enough to upload everything, but here is a quick best-of from the last couple days. Enjoy!

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Useful comments…

I got a useful comment on the previous post (in addition to the one about my wallet, which I’ve recovered. Thanks Marie!) from someone who knows something about cycle routes! Otherwise, I’ve excerpted most of my response about what I’m doing and why:
I’m taking the road less traveled. The [...]

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Another wasted day… mostly

I have wasted most of another day on the internet, trying to find information about my route. Oh well. Long story short, compare these two maps, specifically between Strasbourg (Eastern France) and Luxembourg (North of there)
the French National Cycle page
The ECF EuroVelo map. The text there reads “The next stage leads via [...]

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