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Railroad Man, The Legend of Lil’ Jay

Lil’ Jay Litzner was a freight-train hopping musician, Woody Guthrie style. Jay traveled with his wife Rosie, singing his songs, helping clean up post-Katrina New Orleans, fighting for freedom from labor and political oppression, fighting a drug addiction, and making friends across the country.<br />
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In 2006, while on his way to California for the winter, Jay fell to his death from a freight train. His friends made their way to his home town of Detroit for his memorial service, and they brought stories of their adventures with Jay, stories of what his friendship meant, and stories of what his loss meant. These stories are compiled in his biography, Railroad Man, The Legend of Lil’ Jay.

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St. Paul hosts the alternative hobo convention

The unwashed travelers converged on St. Paul from Whitefish and Helena, Milwaukee and Seattle, Council Bluffs. Some arrived by train, others by thumb or bus. Dogman Tony and New York Slim, Patches and No Name, Little Bear and Skeeter, more than 100 hobos in all. For four days they camped on the banks of the Mississippi, in the shadow of the Landmark Brewery. They discussed the politics of train hopping, played music, wrestled, and, most importantly, consumed as much alcohol as humanly possible.

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Road Junky Travel Film Festival

3 days of short films, workshops and talks from the craziest adventurers on the planet to change the way you see the world.

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Detour (1945)

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Photo -- GazetteXtra

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