I always wanted to organize a group photo exhibition

and this opportunity was ideal because almost every detail depends only on me. That means I have a lot of freedom but also that I have all the responsibility. The photo exhibition is going to take place at the Road Junky Film Festival the 28-29 and 30th of May in Berlin. In the Betahaus near Moritzplatz.So far we received over 190 images and we have to choose which ones are going to print and will be exhibited. Because the exhibit space is not very big and the budget is of course nonexistent the pictures can't be printed very big and not many can go to print.But still, everyone has their space in the online gallery because I organised it so that it would be completely uncensored! I accepted 100% or the submissions! And most of them are amazing.I am excited about this.And also somehow misplaced but still engaged with the rest of the work that I am doing for the Film Festival, just because it's obvious that I am the most appropriate person of the crew to do them. Like german speaking public relations, design and photography issues. If I could I would say I'll also bake the cakes!and yeah, the photo behind the logo is my pic from Teufelsberg :)

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that thing called photography

For a long time I couldn't take pictures anymore. After a couple of years I had seen enough. I had had enough of angry people. Totally violented by the presence of my camera in front of them or their property, they tried to return to me the violence that the camera caused on them. They associated the direct and specific attitude of the photographer with the violating and offensive movement of an agressor. But one which weapon doesn't kill your body but it kills your dignity instead. And so they fought back to me, trying to reduce me to recover their good feelings.I used to cristalize magic unbelieveable moments that happened out there. I never meant to judge or punish, I was just trying to remark and enjoy unimaginable events and celebrate their existance. For that I froze them into observable images that contained three parts: me, my subjective enviroment and all the rest. I just wanted to give those images a life, capability to signify and evolve. For me and for all others.But my innocence turned into evil. And I was the evil spreading suffer and getting back suffer and so for a long while I lost the strength and claimed my right to be an anonymous intranscendent floating creature that was the most innocent of all

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My Photographs in the Market

Printing and byuing material. I discovered that Paradise is only about 25 minutes away from my door. A huge Art Supplies Supermarket. And all becauseI'll be selling pictures tomorrow at Mauerpark Market in Berlin :)

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Road Junky Travel Film Festival

3 days of short films, workshops and talks from the craziest adventurers on the planet to change the way you see the world.

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considerations through chat, about wiki, over a rote beete knackebrot

we use a wiki software now the film festivalmaybe i could use that for the housenow I need a complete moral judgementabout what effect will this have on our societyif we start having an online wiki for the mere organization of a flatsharei am of the beliefthat computers are the new 'television'and are damaging in certain waysthe interaction between peopleso to believe that in internet its all truecertifiedand everything can be worked outtelepatically

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Teufelsberg, Berlin

Abandoned Teufelsberg and us, before Stockholm and after Denmark. Now off to Barcelona and NY. Poor people travel too!

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Chasing after a value that is still worth keeping after this so called crisis is gone.

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Lars Rudolph eating a Brezel in Berlin

"I barely have access to movies that are not boring" said Mercedes Moncada Rodríguez after the premiere of her film La sirena y el buzo in the Berlinale Film festival about 2 weeks ago. I agreed and I told her. The film was breathtaking. The diver and the Mermaid is a tale about a young fisherman that drowns in the sea and turnes into a turtle. There is no explicit narration but the one on the intertitles and Mercedes chose to tell the story through documentary scenes taken from the daily routine of an indigenous group living on Nicaragua's Caribbean coast. Some of these scenes are really new in terms of what has been shown in the cinema before. Hypnotic and poetic. Like I felt when Beijing was inside my camera. And in a very special way -lighter and less fatalistic but just as patient- like Valuska and the drunken solar system and the whale in that cold and poor black and withe town somewhere in Hungary. Werckmeister Haromoniak, from Bela Tarr. I didn't think about their relation at all. It is very possible that the biggest thing these two films have in common is myself and the fact that I like them. I never drink coffee but today I drunk one capuccino and that made me look much more stupid when I saw an older Valuska sitting at the cafeteria eating a Brezel with his blonde daughter and speeking german. The real Valuska!And I asked, and he told me, of course, that he is Lars Rudoph, and he is german not hungarian. And he has been working in theatre, how the hell I know that movie -am I even hungarian myself ?-, and that he now has a band called Mariahilff. And he told me with his Valuska's voice that they are going to release a new album in the next weeks.But you don't speak hungarian? No, that was syncronized. And very well syncronized; I wish he was Valuska...

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Naked against oil transports

I am going to Barcelona for almost a week starting tomorrow and it is great to hear about this year's World Naked Bike Ride on Saturday the 13th.This is the event website.It happens in many cities and you can still organize it yourself.Today when riding my bike a big car got angry because he felt imposed to respect my preference (when he was turning into my road!) and then followed me slowly yelling some words for about too street crossings and I even runaway to the sidewalk. I wonder how can those car ppl contain so much rage and frustration, instead of some respect.

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