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Davide and I collaborated on a most delicious winter morning drink:
Chai Bomb; chai masala tea with a shot of espresso.

First, prepare an old-fashioned handmade espresso with the old steel machine.

Meanwhile, make your chai.
Boil water on the stovetop with a mixture of:
ginger, cinnamon, black tea leaves, nutmeg, cloves, 1 small dried peperoncino, sweet red pepper, and cardamom pods until dark.

Add (soya or rice, for vegans) milk to taste. Continue boiling.

Strain the chai mixture into a teapot.

Warm a glass with hot water and wipe the sides dry. Fill it 3/4 full with chai. Add sweetener to taste. Pour about a spoonful of espresso, just enough to darken the chai, then top off the remainder with more chai.

Savor the amazing deliciousness.


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great tnx

The recipe sounds great, as soon as im at a place/base/space with all the ingredients ill try it out, and since im leaving to A'dam tomorrow, u know by any change where i can DD the ingredients there?

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Edit. Pour espresso as

Pour espresso as desired. I mean , is this an evening snack, or a morning bomb?