hey Hey, I'm moving to Amsterdam - can you help me???

Hi! I am moving from Copenhagen to Amsterdam, to begin at the Rietveld arts school in august. I still haven't found a place to live. Is your house, casarobino,a space, where you can stay for a while?? I would love living in a community, being new in Amsterdam (with no friends bu-huu).
Sincerely sara

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I don't believe in helping :)

Dear sincere Sara,
I don't believe in helping each other. I believe in communal support and contribution.
Mutual contribution involves sharing. I'd love to share with you dreams, inspirations, ideas but I don't know where to start from. I don't know what you like, what are you dreams, what makes you feel alive. Essentially I donno anything about you. I know you want to come but I don't know why you want to come.

Tell me about you. create a contact. let me be your friend.

I can tell you more about us: at the very moment the house is populated by a group of pretty boring, mostly narrow-minded people. We don't party. We rarely go out. we like to dream, to hear and to tell stories. we are plenty of plans for future developments and projects but rarely we write then down. we try to make things happen. For some of us, the house is everything we need to be happy ("what do you mean -where's the center of Amsterdam?- The house is the center!") .
we cook (a lot), we clean (a lot) and we cook again. Meanwhile we chat, we go on wikipedia, some of us hack around, others think about how to apply sustainable concepts and free culture to everything ...like sustainable friendship and sustainable travel.

then there is the sex rule: having sex is allowed only on the balcony and the roof garden but everybody must participate. it's a community: we do things together. and no dead animals!

If you are still interested, accept my friend request and send me an email :)

PS. almost forgot: we don't have any sense of humor.


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I love you Valentina.

I love you Valentina.

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Can we do sex with dead

Can we do sex with dead animals?

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didn't we scare her enough?

didn't we scare her enough?