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Hey guys,

high5 for your home! looks awesome... I've been trying to do something like that last year, but it didn't work out. Now I will visit a bunch of collectives this summer and try to understand what didn't work.

I was wondering whether you guys have a CouchSurfing profile, I've been trying to find you through a CouchSearch but I couldn't find any of you. I'm pretty sure you do, but I came to your site from another platform (Travelling School of Life).

I'll be in Leiden for almost two weeks this summer and I will definitely come to visit you... I'm looking forward to meet you!

Cheers and good vibes!

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come! discuss! share!

It's great that you're still optimistic about collaborative living spaces such as the one here. Things are quite dynamic here, but surely there have been common denominators since conception. Lots of abstract ideas are coming to mind at the moment: transcendence from borders, transcendence from convention, and transcendence from judgment. A utopia we aren't, but damn near close to an ideal that promotes creativity, sharing, and yes, loving!

We're looking forward to hearing about your experiences. Perhaps we can help tweak "what went wrong." And equally important, you can share with us what went right!
Come when you wish! An interesting discussion will be certain to follow.

(DO we have a cs page? not sure, um, i guess our individual profiles may be a large fraction of the whole. my profile name: will_wash_your_dishes)