hAPpY THaNksGiViNg !

"Oh you cook so amazing". People here are totally amazed by Amylin's cooking skills, how she is turning waste into a great dinner. Today she is cooking for 11 people & maybe even some more people who still might be coming. We also just welcomed back Rene, who is just arriving at the right time. We have noodles, tomato & avocado salad, humus red pepper, curried collyflower with dahl, green garbage with cashew nuts and some stuff, a fruit and nut cake, an enormous chocolate cake, and coconut rice pudding with anice, cashews, rasins and cardemom - all vegan. Bisaha - eet smakelijk


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A Real Service

Wonderful to hear that Amylin has done such a great job. I knew she was a virtuoso cook, but my thanksgiving dinner really pales to this.

I'm sure this brought the Casa family even closer together.

~ Andrew