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Dennis Collective - Casa Living Room conversation - what he heard all days


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A brief casa moment at #fossdem

Hellow Robino and casa friends
I popped in to #Fossdem12 in Brux yesterday 'by chance' (no such thing?)
On the programme I saw Bobbys entry and I thought I should look him up
I met Bobby when we both stayed at Casa for a few days (my first time) a couple of years ago (2009? time flies!) and we had lovely dumpsterdived food. then read an article in the NY Times about a dumpsterdived dinner situation in NY, which was citing Bobby ! I said to myself: I know that guy!!
Pinged around and caught up with him for a minute or two . Mark was also there, I met Mark when i popped into Casa to cook a meal on the way to the airport sometime in 2010. i didnt stay the night then but it was nice to see a rather relaxed crowd sitting on the floor while one or two ppl had done the dd, cooking, and cleaning. He informed about, good stuff.Today I may meet Smari, who seems to be in the Casa loop as well.
So we talked a bit aoout you guys, what are Anu and Robin up to? Anu in Finland, Robin back to base for the moment, Got an email from Valentina recently she is facilitating a very interesting workshop in Berlin, but I dont think I ll manage to attend. Hay....... I hope to visit Casa next time I come this way. I generally go to Adam when I am in brux, but this time I gotta dash to Edinburgh, got a phd viva in 2 days. Other than travel,
I am currently staying in La Palma, Canary islands, where I am renovating a flat with a view to sell it or let it, so I am not paying rent. Planning to stay there for a few months, so feel free to drop in and visit while I am there
There is sleeping space for a couple of ppl.Dont think anyone knows what is dumpsterdiving there, would be nice to find out. But there is a lot of foraging to do. I pick wild tropical foods on the way back from the beach when I can.

See you next, a big hug to Casa and its residents, send news. (is there a casa newsletter? should we do one? to keep everyone in the loop about developments? ciao)