Project volunteering

tools for survival

Since I had to change a wheel on Isolator with my multi-tool on my last stay, I got some leftover basic bike repair tools from my dad. Mostly good GDR quality ^^. I mean it, the "russian" stuff is much better than this modern junk. And it didn't cost money nor energy, yeh!
Anyway, I will bring them to Project Voluteering in the near future. It's not much stuff, let's check out lightfoot parcel service :)

Hostage situation

Hi Casa,

How are you?

I have ill news to share with you. Our field agent Tau managed to contain Robino and bring him to our HQ in Berlin the Project volunteering. We hold him ransom until he has filled the house with the demanded love and hugs.

We will try to keep him as long as our equipment allows us and harvest as much love and hugs as possible. Hopefully we will be able to maintain it a few days. Also he looks very hungry, so we might be able to feed him a bit before he goes onwards. No one wants to pick up a skinny-sunburned-hitcher.