Host request

Short notice, I know


I'm arriving in Amsterdam tomorrow afternoon (25th July) and was wondering if there's any chance I can stay for a few days while I'm in Amsterdam as I'd love to be introduced to the lifestyle that the Casa seems to support.

¬°Ahoj Casa! Mind if I stay a spell?

Hey everyone!

My name is Joli. I'm arriving in Amsterdam tomorrow morning and I do hope you'll let me stay! I'm looking for some camaraderie on Tuesday and Wednesday nights this week, and then possibly again on Monday and Tuesday night of next week, June 20 and 21. I'll be in town for the Windmill Wind-Up Ultimate Frisbee tournament which begins Thursday, playing with a team from Bologna, but I decided to come early and spend a couple days biking around and exploring first.

I'm 24. From Philadelphia. Been to Holland a few times before so I know the ropes fairly well.