fuck off and die

Foetal Position

Foetal Position

Figure 1: Fuckoff is demonstrating the foetal position.

Foetal position (British English: foetal) is a medical term used to describe the positioning of the body of a prenatal foetus as it develops. In this position, the back is curved, the head is bowed, and the limbs are bent and drawn up to the torso.

It has been observed that the foetal position is an instinctual reaction to extreme physical or psychological trauma.

I think she is just bloody comfortable.


The kitten's back indoor

The casa has been living in flee terror in the past couple of days.
Since then the little flee-bag has been washed, sprayed, worm treated and vaccinated - while being banned from most of the casa.
I'm happy to announce the kitten is allowed back in the living room.

wet catwet cat