Bristol activism

We made it. I have never been more active. Squatted an old church with 3 others, a mate and I figured out how to get in. We did it. Now the hard part setting up a social center. Based on the ideas of sharing and activism with in the community and hopefully reach out to other communities. We have a long road ahead of us, but I will keep the update going.

Action Camp Slideshow

This is the video of the action camp which Paxus organized last summer.

Paxus gets caught

Pax was in the Washington Post -

Here he is again, hard at work :)

From Casa to Gorleben

Kardan and i hitched out of the Casa starting late Wednsaday. We zigzaged our way across the Netherlands, never waiting long, but having some less than perfect places to hitch from. My old illusions about hitching at night we quickly displaced. Kardan is fearless in his quiet way. Asking everyone at the gas stations for a lift. When we finally made it to the German boarder, the sun was already setting and we were far from Braunswieg (sp?). Kardan asked several drivers and the good news was we found on willing to take us and going all the way to our destination.