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converting K610 to W660

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About - Refarm the city

refarm the city are tools of open software and hardware for urban farmers.<br />
is a mix of a good meal (the crop, the friends, the seeds, ...) , hardware (the urban farm, the composter, the electronics, the sensors, recycled materials, ...), software (build a farm according to your personal needs, your local vegetables, local gastronomy, ...) that will give you the tools to design, control and manage your farm during her life.

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Woolfiller alias Wolplamuur repareert gaten en verbergt vlekken in wollen truien, vestjes, jassen, tapijten enzovoort.

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How-To: Make micarta from blue jeans




"Micarta" (Wikipedia) is a genericized trademark that refers to a rigid composite material made from laminated paper, fiberglass, cloth, or other material impregnated with a plastic resin. It is commonly used as an electrical insulator and as a tool handle, particularly for knives.

Cliff Fendley of Fendley Knives, together with fellow knifemaker Mike Carter of Carter Crafts, set out to make some "micarta" of their own using scrap denim and epoxy resin. Even better, they documented their efforts with a detailed series of photos so others can play along at home. [Thanks, Alan Dove!]

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jtag fonera

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Ethersex AVR TCP/IP

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Linux I2C Drivers

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