I'm just about to graduate from SUNY Purchase College with a degree in sociology and spanish, and May couldn't come fast enough! I'm so ready to explode onto the world and go from community to community to meet amazing people who are taking control of their own lives and making what they want with them on their own accord.

I love all kinds of art, but the ones that really get my tears flowing and my heart racing are theatre, especially tom stoppard and edward albee, big symphonies, small symphonies, acoustic guitar, opera, and deep soul quaking dance.

Andreas Nyffeler


I live for connection between humans, in whatever way that may be. Through music, art, conversation, a simple but meaningful glance...I love meeting people from all walks of life, all over the world...There is so much to learn from each and every individual--so much opportunity for growth, so much to be inspired by...I am definitely an adventurous spirit, and love spontaneity. I love being out in nature, seeing and feeling the beauty of this earth. And of course, I love to just kick back with friends and chill with some beer and some music and laughter all around.


I am based in Amsterdam (my own flat, and a studio workspace), working as a film maker, researcher and writer. See my CS profile here:

If you are a bit peopled out staying at the casa and need some more solitude, feel free to contact me. Maybe you can stay with me for a while...


My name is Helena. I'm a danish 19-year old girl. I live in a collective with 9 other poeple. It's great!
I'm a very creative person. I like to do stuff with my hands. I'm very interested in learning from the poeple around me. I would like to know about different ways of living rather then what the tv suggests.
I like to trave. I plan to start traveling much more than what I have so far.
Can't think of anything more
Lots of Love

Normunds Rudzinskis

feel free to be free