Thursday Night Open Dinner

18 Aug 2011 15:22
18 Aug 2011 23:22
Thursday Night Open Dinner

Come over for the weekly open dinner/potluck on Thursday night. Be here before 4.30 if you also would like to go D-diving with us or take your own initiative (check

Come early enough to cook, chill, talk and to eat. Dinner usually served between 9 and 11. We like to make happy plates: give a full plate before eating yourself.

Do you want to come but don't have directions? Leave a comment below or contact us for some heavenly wrong guidance's ;)

fuck the face tubes

fuck the face tubes

The facetube is encroaching upon couchsurfing.

Sea, Sand, Sun and mudbaths

Reports are coming in about the hitchgathering that took place last weekend, and apparantly it was a great gathering, with almost 150 people attending this year's event.

Only a Matter of Time

Dear Friends:

A few months back, I posted my intention to build another casa in Buenos Aires, Argentina (or somewhere nearby). About 22 days ago, I arrived here, and set about making things happen.

sunday zontag domingo dimanche domenica sonntag

14 Aug 2011 18:53

Sunday is pizza and pancake/pizza or pancake/pizza-pancake day!

ready for the neti?

well, what is it? is it a douch? is it for watering mini plants? maybe it is one of those old thyme hearing aids? or maybe kitten uses it for....for...eeewww!

well ladies and gentlemen i introduce to you the "Neti PoT" and if you call in the next 23.7 seconds you can schedule your own professional neti nose clean from our ResidentRada who knows about nose.....well not really but huhu knows.

Down the Danube with a paddle boat

Sailing over the Danube with a paddle-boat. Sounds crazy huh? Flore and Manuel, both based in Berlin, are currently sailing down the Danube river on a paddle boat. A couple of days ago they started in Vienna and they are writing about their adventures at

The Danube is Europe's second largest river with 2850 km, going from Black Forest in Germany to the Black Sea in Romania. See also this post by Hugo earlier this year about the idea to sail down the Danube with a self-made raft.

mysophobic propaganda

good to the last drop.

'nuff said