Freegan Flowers part II

Freegan Flowers part II

amylin with the roses; rene on the sofa; amylin's painting on the wall

Freegan Flowers

Freegan Flowers

Anu & Matt dumpster-dove some flowers yesterday!

More quotes...

"I'm exposing myself to the world, so come on in!"

"We don't have faces, we have screens"

"Anu is magical"

"The Germans loved Bush. Well, hasslehof actually. And Americans love Schwarzenegger"

"Is your power supply getting hot? That'd be a pretty bad pickup line..."

"Are you laughing at my eclecticism?"

And some visual accompaniment, soon.

"Don't you want a bit of Jesus inside of You?"

Punishment Park

Out to the movies tonight - Punishment Park was too scaringly realistic. (thanks Suheila for the tip!)

(event calendar thingy for the house coming up, maybe, someday. Now off to eat portowined apples by amylin...)

putting things into place in Barcelona

Trying hard not to work too much while working 'hard'. Every time off is time to enjoy as much as possible. This morning been for a stroll on the ramblas because we needed a new headset. That was my call for a coffee and a great inspiring walk for my (analogue) camera. Hotel-room has a yakuzi, and the sun shines really good. I thought that I was going to miss casarobino and the people that live here for now - I do, but it is good to be back here also :)

I actually missed him while he was making a salto

total eclipse of the coeur

i thought that i had found the best-ever youtube cover version of "total eclipse of the heart" years ago... you know that one of norwegian kitchen-applicance-based grizzly beard track-suit-sportin' rock band HURRA TORPEDO ? i always thought that one was a classic...

guess the quoted:

"I'm Finnish, so I'm sloppy. You know"

"I'm Finnish so I should kill myself"

"I came here to not kill myself"

just as I imagined

How I remember Barcelona: Sun, lots of light, busy streets, scooters, a vibrant street-life, beers on the street, great bars, ska-reggae concerts in public squares into the late night, waves, unexpected visitors, random talks, friends. That's how I remember Barcelona and that's how it was on my first day :)

Looking into the future

Looking into the future

So great to just catch Yaniv in his final week here before commencing his trip through the Americas...

The Quote Machine (with assistants)

"Don't underestimate crazy people"
"I'm not stupid, I'm just Finnish"
"12? you could have just said I don't have tits!"
"I'm not threatening you officer, I'm informing you"
"There aren't four people living here, I just like large women"
(when questioned about where I met friends) "Where did I meet them? Gangbang, where else?" (Works for crossing American border. FOR AMERICANS ONLY)