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what a revolution is about

Global revolution day?


This channel will feature live streams from global non violent revolution spreading across the globe, with the first broadcasts from Wall Street Occupation in NYC that will start on Saturday, September 17, 2011. The channel will also feature live stream from solidarity protests and events in Spain, Greece, France, Belgium, Iceland and other places around the globe.

Looking interesting - anyone around NYC or other hotspots today?
Stream seems to be from Greece at the moment.

medical for professional hitchhikers?

Hello Casanians!
A few of you will remember me studying in Berlin and traveling around during the summers. Well, the first part is finally almost over for good and I will give up my cozy ex-kitchen at P43 and hit the road in around a month. I have a squat to visit in Utrecht before it will be gone in November, other than that I refuse to make plans. But the Casa is definitely on the list of sweet places to visit - finally without hurry.

The only issue that remains right now is medical insurance: I can probably keep my student status, but in Germany that's still 70 EUR/month + ~250 EUR university fees per term - quite a bit of money. Does anyone of you sweet bums have a better idea?

This guy takes dumpster diving to a new level.

And turns a dumpster into a home.
If this catches on dumpster diving could accidentally turn into home invasion.

"gezonde katjes" PANCAKE SUNDAY

18 Sep 2011 13:13
the casa
"gezonde katjes" PANCAKE SUNDAY

Dear Casa&Cat lover's,

the picture's above are the 2 cat hosts which are currently hosting @ the casa :)

The Art of Turning Art into Money

Getting a tax number tip...easy and fast

Getting a tax number if you are going to stay here longer than 3 months is HARD as you can't get it before you register at an address = big headache and about a month waiting list.

Had a lovely petal tell me about a tip which was awesome faced = go to the tax office and tell them that you are going to be here for under 3 months and if you go before 11am they will give you a temporary tax number on the spot. This means you can do some work immediately and not have all the stressy crap!!!

Much love and sparkles...

Coon . Chase the devil

Suprisingly nice cover.

couchsurfing goes for profit - go go bewelcome!

Couch$urfing is now finally a for profit corporation. I'm not going to dwell too much on this (if you are interested in dwelling check and join the inside rebellion). Here are a couple of positive steps for direct action:

  1. create a profile at BeWelcome
  2. change your CS profile pic to e.g. the picture of this post
  3. change your C$ mission into something funny