Simon's Summer retreat

Simon's Summer retreat

Starting today, the 1st of june, untill the end of july i will be a retreatent in my home, at the oudezijds voorburgwal 6. Because i want to show myself that it is possible to live attentively, relaxed and happy life in the city. Feel free to join me every evening but sunday at 19:30 to meditate together, because with your support and togetherness this is possible!


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i am flattered by any

i am flattered by any position on this website :D i just wanted to share.

come by any time if you want,

a lotus for you


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switch off computer ;-)

I took it off the front-page. I don't think it is very appropriate for the purpose of the casa-website. I really like meditation -especially during day-to-day activities but for some reason I don't really like the post here.

Looking forward to meet though.