pastaMadre day

10 Dec 2011 00:00
pastaMadre day

Dear all,
as you already know I keep on happily pushing against recession... since pastaMadre's journey!
On the 10th of December in conjunction with Terra Madre Day there will be the Pasta Madre Day.
In every city, every region, from the marketsquares to the houses on the 10th of December pasta madre will be pushed!!

This event will be the biggest worldwide moment of mass pushing.
Here you find the announcement of the Food Community pasta madre who organize the event!
We, pusher from the first hour, will be part and witnesses of the event!
Anybody can organize his own moment of free pastamadre pushin, right that one ( a tripping performance) and write down the event at this page

we mix in pastamadre world!!!



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hey is there any info about this in english?