New Dumpster Finds

New Dumpster Finds

In the beginning we thought Amsterdam wasn't easy to dumpster-dive, apart from the daily markets. I remember well when Jass was here, or shall I say Mister Skip, and even he gave up on finding good spots in the area. But little by little, day by day, we're encountering more and more good(!) dumpsters around. Organic dumpsters, more bread-dumpsters and office-skips for example.

Last Wednesday when I was walking towards town, just across the two bridges towards the roundabout, I saw a dumpster outside of one of the organic shops and oh my, how full it was with organic goodies: fruits, veggies and bread-spreads.

And today while on my way to the train-station, I noticed a great dumpster outside an office-building and it had lots of left-overs from their canteen. Salads and bread for example. Used things, but still very good, and mostly things they are not allowed to re-use since it has to be fresh every day.

Back in December I remember also Sma and Zuphit who found lots of bottles of shampoo for example, shampoo that we still use, just on the street across, every Tuesday and Friday morning.

And there is the bread-factory that Wrenaqua loves to go to, which is a 15 minute bike-ride away and over there is a lot more to be found (and given!) than we need. It's a great extra to the weekly croissants from around the corner and the bread we make ourselves.

And our daily fruits and veggies no longer come from Ten Kate anymore, rather just from the Turkish vegetable shop around the corner, available 24/7.

Only things still missing are good dumpsters for rice and other grain-products, as well as flour. Still seems to be tough to nail down exactly at what time supermarkets put their grey containers outside. But for sure you can find good stuff there.

A little while back I was diving in Rotterdam for a dumpster-tour that I helped setting up (see photos!), where we met a fellow-diver in one of the containers. He had just found twelve bottles of wine, as well as beer and lots of soap and shower-gels. His advice: dive deep enough.

Check for the full list of dumpsters around here and when you find a new one, do add it:


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woaaaaaaaah so cool! can't

woaaaaaaaah so cool! can't wait to try out the new places! :)

there's a djirk van dijk or whatever it's called ..on bos en lommerweg west of casa..has dumpsters at the back..constantly. but haven't found anything useful there yet.
so it's not always about finding the dumpster...they gotta throw the stuff out also:P