Preparing the Bikes for More Sunny Times

Preparing the Bikes for More Sunny Times
Preparing the Bikes for More Sunny Times
Preparing the Bikes for More Sunny Times

Spring is here, bringing life back into blossom. And so it got time to bring the bikes out again and fix a couple more of them. In winter Zsuzsanna already took care of all of them with some help of Nimi (see bottom-photo), but the snow and cold brought new damage to most of them.

That's why today Ellen, Brian (patching an inner-tube for the first time in his life) and I took care of that and fixed Katherine, Black&Orange (which is now called Tripy), Mama, MyBike and Jaap's Bike. Bikes that remain are Hugo (we need to paint sunflowers on them, and give the chain an oil-bath) Pyjamas (replacing the butter) and Long-Distance (fixing a front-wheel and the lock). And when that's done, we are back to ten bikes, including Pirate and Dumpster Monster. Yah!


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This photo is great, it

This photo is great, it reminds me of when Julien and I were fixing bikes on the street outside the Casa. First we had to use the power-grinder to cut off a few locks that had lost their keys though, and some neighbor or another must have called the police.

Dutch police: "Hoi dag, dutch dutch dutchdutch dutch dutch..."
Ignorant Me: "Sorry, uh, I don't speak Dutch."
Dutch police: "Oh, no problem at all. We got a call that someone was stealing bikes here and that we should come to arrest you, but obviously these are your bikes."
Me: "Yes they are."
Dutch police: "Have a nice day!"

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huh, that's funny... sounds

huh, that's funny... sounds like a fun bike-co-op type place (the one in toulouse), but charlie and I also went to a place in brussels called La maison du velo, which was a 'for profit' business (as far as i know!) but was a really great shop with mostly touring gear. I wonder if they are connected.

Great! yay bikes!

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Waha! Sounds great. It it

Waha! Sounds great. It it very funny you post it today. Yesterday, as I was riding my bike in Toulouse, it suddenly broke into pieces, failing to kill me.
So I carried it to La Maison du Vélo, an association that I happen, I don't remember how, to be a member of. But I never hanged around this place anyway. Yesterday I had to : my mean of transport was broken, I utterly need it everyday, and I heard some words about a bike-fixing workshop they would organize in this place.

I discovered a nice courtyard with people drinking a beer or a juce, talking, diving into beans of chains and screws. Someone gave me a hug, looked at my bike and told me what the problems were and how to solve them. Then he pointed at a box full of tools and others full of spare pieces, then wished me good luck. So here I am, surrounded by smiling people giving me advices and a hand, all day long.
Now the bike is brand new (and decorated with flowers, yes sir!). The next step is to find abandonned vintage bicycle frames, take them to La Maison du Vélo and make new bikes out of them, so that when you pass by my place you have your own mean of transport.