Pasta Madre trailer

Two crazy persons from South of Italy went around Europe in 2009 with their pastamadre, a sourdough that is used to make traditional bread, which can be passed around so that everyone is able to make this bread. A video-camera went along with them, and the trailer of the movie is now available.

With images of familiar faces, the casa, other houses, traveling bread, a traveling oven and damoclash festival.

To support the making of the movie, a crowd-sourcing page is made available.


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Ahhhhhhhhhhhh thank you!!!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh thank you!!! Yes yes yes, what a beautiful time and experience and idea and continued adventure... Pasta Madre.

Charlie travelled with it right across africa, in his bike pannier, and now it is here back in Madison, Wi. He and his mum make bread for their house, and I make bread for my co-op every few days. The beautiful story that is pasta madre inspires all.

I shall take it on little trips more :)

Love! Thanks for posting this, how happy it makes me!

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One of the most important and beautiful experiences I had at Casa was through and thanks to PastaMadre.
Also one of the happiest period in Amsterdam as far as I can remember!
After Amsterdam, the same PastaMadre traveled till NY and Mexico to be back in Europe. It was the input for collecting stories and sharing experiences.
Thanks for the tripping performance!