Inspirations and Connections

Beautiful Casa,

Wow, what a week of connections it has been. My house mate Ginny and I set off on a little hitchhiking journey down to Asheville North Carolina, where her sweetheart lives doing primitive living workshops etc...

I have been learning how to make bows and arrows (from bamboo, feathers and rocks), how to live in huts built from sticks and leaves, how to eat only wild food, how to tan hides (from roadkill) and make them into bags/clothes/tools... and lots of other interesting things..

and now i am back in town, staying in a lovely community house here that seeks to connect with a whole bunch of folks, hitchhikers, sailors, lightfooters etc... and it's been so fun sharing Casa stories and other inspirational places that ive found on my travels..

And i'm staying in a room here, that belongs to someone who is at Twin Oaks... and i met someone else a few days ago who new Paxus and willow wand other twin oaks crew...

mmm yeah, it's just great that this wonderful world of community spreads so far and wide.

Thank you!!


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Hey brian! you are so right,

Hey brian! you are so right, seems like it's the place to be to learn such skills. I was just spending time with some folks, Matt, Jasper and Nate, up on a mountain they have been living on from time to time for quite some time :) They are connected to a house out in Woodfin...?

Nothing formal. I got a delightful tour of the co-ops though once i was back in town, and seriously got my inspirational juices going, what fun!!! So many different houses doing beatuiful things - cob structures, solar, rain water, permaculture, aquacultures... and all different.

Robin - i even went to the Montana house, from that film that you sent me (that i had seen last year already!) and was so excited to be there!

Now im back at my co-op in madison, and holding on to that inspiration. our next two missions: Community Library in the living room, and outdoor kitchen outside, with cob oven maybe?

!!! yip yip spring is coming!

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Allo! I lived in Asheville during the past 3 years, and am glad that you are enjoying what it has to offer, i'm sure the spring is bringing in much warmth. Primitive living, ah, so common those words were in Asheville. It seemed like everyone and their brother were doing primitive living apprenticeships. Where have you been learning? Is it with David the player of the upright bass?