Cave Man Charlie in distress!

Casa Family,

Charlie, our beautiful biking cave man, has had a bicycle accident in
Alexandria, Egypt, while on his round the world tour. He has broken his
hip, and is having surgery as I type this. The surgery should all go fine,
and he will be on the road to recovery very soon... but there's another 3
months of resting downtime for him...

Im sure we can all imagine how it must feel to be alone in a strange
hospital, unable to get around - and you all know how hard it will be for
him to have to stay off the bike for so long...

AND there's nothing like a letter or package or card to make Charlie smile
- so if anyone feels like sending snail mail, I know he would appreciate
it more than anything in the world!

An address for him in Alexandria:

Shehab Khashaba
1 Mahmoud ElAttar St.
flat#101, Doctors building

Send forth the love!



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caveman! (and lily!) hello

caveman! (and lily!) hello and hope your spirits are up!
i sent you a lightfoot to cairo ages ago, but not sure if it made it there...
at least now you have a new address to send mail to-- i'll get on it then!

hugs & kittens

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letter on his way

with my hugs, my blessings and my love from the end of the world (aka Finisterre) and casa Miguel...

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Thanks Robin :) That's good

Thanks Robin :) That's good to hear. Seeing that the '1 comment' was a spam comment - wasn't very heartening!

Charlie is here, out of hospital, and hobbling about on crutches. He is doing much better, every day, though still in pain from the lack of blood, headaches/backpain etc... healing him up though, he'll be back on his bike in no time :) (well, 3-4 months!)

Still very weird to be in Egypt.. so far so fast, but also so good to be here for him. I have been looking at a bunch of apartments, trying to find one for us to move into, and for him to spend his recovery. His mum is coming after i leave. It's not easy though - and caked in lies... we have to keep pretending we are married, fake marriage certificates/rings etc.. silly business...

Maybe today though!

Love to all the casa crew - please send him love if you can - he needs all he can get, it will be a tough few months off the bike.



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A postcard or letter is on its way!

That's not good news at all! Having accidents while traveling is a tough one. And breaking a hip is extreme...

Keep us posted Lily, although not everyone has commented here yet, many people have read the message.

Great you flew in to Egypt. Marvelous. It was great reading your e-mail on the lastest news. Take good care. Love to you and Charlie !