How things are moving in Berlin

Things are happening!

We have two beautiful locations, lots of people around and many great conversations, discussions, brainstorms and other social events are taking place the whole time. Weird to see some people still have to make their way here! How can you wait?

Things done so far include brainstorming about legal stuff for nomadbase (social contract for example) and ad-hoc brainstorming and also an action plan for lightfoot.

We also have been doing stuff on the website and will go live very soon with a new theme. And we're looking forward to hack more on this with design people!. Owen? Amylin?

The locations are really cool. We are using two so far. The main one till now is the T-house. There are multiple rooms. During the day we mostly use the front room, in the evenings the back room (which we keep smoke-free).

The other space is the Freeshop, which is a 10 minute walk. That one is just awesome. It is not just a free shop like most you might know, but the place is actually a living place designed like a normal house. Things such as furniture and books are present one day, and go the next. Only when a couch was taken by someone, a new one can appear again :)

This is the space we will be using the most during the weekend for example, especially since the T-house can be quite busy/ social (hard to focus and get things done!)

Check for the latest & change your theme in the account settings if you haven't done that yet.


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Porperty law

If you need any kind of legal advise for the nomad base then let me know and i can see what i can dig up, my lecturers are all very knowledgable and i can do lots of research here using the uni facilities. There is lots of information about property law which i have here that might be useful to you guys so if you need it just let me know :)